30 Dec 2019

Skips come in a range of different sizes.  Larger skip sizes offer better value for money, provided you have enough waste to fill them.  On the other hand, if you order a skip that is too small, it is annoying and expensive to have to order a second one. 

To help you choose the right sized skip, here is a short guide to the different skip sizes we have available (including dimensions), the types of projects best suited to each, and the restrictions that apply to larger skip sizes. 


The 6-yard skip often referred to as the “builder´s skip” is one of the most frequently hired skips in the UK. With ample space to accommodate approximately 50-60 black bin bags, this skip is perfect for moderate amounts of bulky waste – making them ideal for use on building and construction sites, as well as for domestic projects such as kitchen, bathroom, and home renovations.


For those larger projects, the 8-yard mega skip can accommodate approximately 60-80 black bin bags of waste. This generously proportioned skip lends itself perfectly for use in a variety of commercial, industrial, and domestic projects such as major renovation works.


A 12-yard skip can hold approximately 100-120 black bin bags of waste, or large amounts of light bulky waste, such as furniture, plastics, and packaging waste. With this in mind, these skips are particularly popular amongst shopfitters, as well as on building and manufacturing sites. The 12-yard skip cannot, however, be used for heavy waste types due to certain weight restrictions. Instead, we would recommend multiple 8-yard skips for a large amount of heavy waste such as rubble soil and concrete.