02 Mar 2015

Launch of New Website

Today is the official launch of our new improved website.  Please take a look through the website, and let us know your thoughts.  All feedback is much appreciated.

Why the Update  

As most of you probably noticed, our old website was looking old, had out of date information, and didnt work on mobile. 

We highly appreciate our customers, both new and old, and thought the least we can do in return is provide a website that is up-to-date, and works across all platforms: mobile, tablet and desktop.

What´s New?

Up-to-date – all of our content is now up-to-date.  The new website has also been created in a way that allows us to very easily and quickly make changes – we no longer have the excuse of not been able to update beceause of technical reasons! 

Responsive – translated by by marketing consultant, Damon: “a website that works on all devices, including desktop, tablet and mobile”

Up to date leagl docs – we have included links to our legal documents to make it much easier for you to retrieve them as opposed to having to request them via email or phone call everytime. We will also make sure they are kept uptodate!

Latest news blog – we now have a place to put latest news, both about us and the waste management industry. We will be keeping the blog up-to-date, and might even be launching some promotions, including free giveaways for new and existing customers!

Special thanks to our marketing consultant, Damon Simpson at Oragul for making it happen!

From all at the AJ Pain team.